Halloween Decorations :: Halloween Fun or Nightmare?

When creating a Halloween Home Haunt or creating that perfect Party Room, think carefully.

Halloween is not just for trick or treating and similar fun, it’s a great excuse for getting creative, some people waiting and planning for this seasonal occasion to show their true creative skills.

You can buy or make many decorations to decoration your yard or home, as a haunt or for a party. GhoulishGadgets.co.uk has a Monster List of Halloween Projects from all over the internet just for this reason.

No matter if you buy or make, you can create some really scary and spooky decorations and props. But it’s easy to get carried away, without thinking of the possible risks generated by some items.

1. Lighting: Be very mindful of the lighting you use and the risks it may bring with it.  The obvious risks are of possible burns from the heat if touched or electrical shock if damaged.  Careful placement should also be considered if mains powered – avoiding possible liquid spills etc.
Consider too, that little light can be a danger also – your visitors tripping or falling over.  It’s so tempting to create a darkened room or use mostly blacklights, the atmosphere is wonderful.
Maybe consider having extra lighting you can turn on quickly if needed or have good torches at hand.  The other option is to use battery powered LED lighting, very safe, low voltage – so no shock or burn risks.

2. Candles: Candles can create awesome spooky lighting, dark and eerie.
The flickering flames creating darting, almost living shadows in rooms.
Just remember the risk of fire or your visitors getting burnt.  Again, ensure that they are in areas where they can not fall, be touched nor have materials that burn easily nearby.
As before, keep in mind that you may need brighter lighting quickly, either torches or access to lighting.

3. Spider webbing: Spider webs are a great way to create a haunted or spooky look.  Be careful though, ensure that materials used to make them are safe – some may be lethal when burning.
They may also be made of rope, wire and string – ensure that visitor will not walk into these or get tangled.  Perhaps it’s best to place them out of reach, in corners or dressing furniture.

4. Power: Power distribution is sometimes never really given the thought and respect it needs.  Ensure that you do not overload multiple power outlets, split your power over a number of wall sockets.  Be careful with extension leads, that they can not be damaged nor tripped over.

Should an accident occur, you may need to kill the power quickly, so access to switches should be planned also.

5. Exits: Although not a decoration, keep in mind what you would do if you need to evacuate the area.  This can mean door access and also a safe area to get the people to gather, maybe even knowing how many people you have.

With any prop or decoration, try to imagine what is the worst thing that could happen to or with it.  Either by it failing, falling or worse some unpleasant visitor tampering or breaking it.

After all, Halloween should be fun, enjoy it!

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