Halloween Fancy Dress Ideas for 2009

No matter if you’re going to a halloween Fancy dress party or need a Halloween Costume for trick or treat, there are many options to fit everyones needs and budgets. You can get creative and make the costume, perhaps watch a movie and research the outfit, well that would be my excuse! I would recommend it though if you need to get familiar with the outfits and masks etc. You could hire quite impressive looking and good quality costumes, sometime for less than the price of buying a costume.

Michael Jackson: Some may be offended by this idea, others may not, each person to their own opinion.
The Most common outfit will be the Thriller costume, comprising the Red Leather Jacket, with Black Stripes.  This costume is already available from many stores (including wigs and masks), or you could try to create it yourself.

Super Hero: Batman, Robin, Spiderman, X Men etc. These costumes are readily available from stores, making them would be quite complex, but go for it if you have the time, material, perhaps a sewing machine and the needed skills.  The easy part for these costumes is the masks, either buy them or make from coloured card, maybe thin coloured foam or even print out a mask and cut it out.

Super Villain: just way too many to list, but as for the Super Heros above, these Halloween Fancy Dress costumes, they are readily available in many stores or can be made at home, if you have the time and ability.

Freddy Krueger: Quite simple, again can be purchased, but most of the costume is easily made, just find a striped jumper and make the knifed gloves – just buy a mask.

Jason Vorhees (Friday 13th): Again, either buy or make. to make, all you really need to buy or borrow is a hockey mask. It would be quite possible to make a mask from paper mache.

Michael Meyers (Halloween): The secret to this again is the mask, using paper mache has been mentioned before, this would work here too, otherwise you need to buy one.

Saw Movies: Make a pig mask from paper mache, finish with a cloak. Perhaps get really fancy and create a billy mask, the puppet, then complete with black jacket, white shirt and black bowtie.

Other similar characters are Hannibal Lecter, PinHead from HellRaiser – masks can be purchased or made for both.

To make masks, take a look at GhouishGadgets Mask section – with plans to make halloween fancy dress masks
GhoulishGadgets also has pages for Latex Moulding and casting – a great way to make masks with amazing detail, that also ensure a good fit too.

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    Ive gone through your blog. Happy I returned another time. Good reading, thanks.

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